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Is it just me, or are Final Smashes getting really redundant and unoriginal. Sure they all look cool but there are only a few that are actully unique

We have like 4 tansformation final smashes
2 finals that turn you into some amazing electric ball/hedgehog and fly all over the screen
Dont get me started on the giant laser final smashes
Sheik, Zelda and Dark Pit's are the same
We have like 5 cutscene final smashes
A thousand triforce slash final smashes
Must i talk about landmasters, theres hundreds of annoying memes to tell us that
Ganondorfs final is just a better and safer version of marths
There are now tons of great ather finals
But the Mii Fighters FS aren't ripping off anything :/

At this point really the only truly unique ones are Diddy's Rocketbarrel Barrage, Konga Beat as much as we hate it, Ice Berg, Puff Up, Poltergust, Galaxia Darkness, Octopus, PK Starstorm, End of Day, Super Pac Man, Peach Blossom, Three Sacred Treasures, Power Star, Shadow Mario and Wii Fit which is only like 14/51 :(

And it bugs me that people think landmaster over and over is annoying but cutscene smashes over again are okay because their "different"

C'mon nintendo, please give us some more unique Final Smashes 



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United States
Hellow, I'm Plazzap and I came as an alien from this planet known as Fantendo, which is pretty much my main website. Right now we currently are a group here and we are slowly taking over DA and soon, THE WORLD

Most of my art is the art I've already made but I will make some new art. I've had 2 years experience with art (but it looks like 3 months sometimes) and I still need more EXP so I can level up. I've seen some amazing art here and I can't go three steps without favoriting something.

It's also really sad to see such amazing pieces of art be overlooked, some artwork takes my breath away and gets not even a single comment.

I guess that's about it, so now you know nothing about me thanks to this rushed and confusing bio I made, piece

Notice: if youre only on my page for points/llamas and nothing else,please go awayr. I've had so many use me and other people just for a llama badge and then leave forever, never to talk to me again and im just tired of it.


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